40 KWh Induction Melting Machine

Shapet Induction Company has many years of experience with the precious metals sector thus developed this induction system for Jewelry manufacturers and goldsmiths. It runs on the Induction principle, Absolute homogeneous alloying and uniform metal distribution with a reduction in metal losses is achieved due to uniform temperature controlling which avoids the skin effect in Shapet Induction Systems.

Shapet Induction system, the metal heats with the help of frequency and so there is no loss of heat and metal. In this method, there is auto stirring without the need of a carbon rod resulting in no loss of metal which remains pure during the entire process.

Power Supplier Three phase
Voltage 440 V AC
Absorbed Power 40 kW
Maximum Temperature 1200° C
Cooling Water Temperature 22° C To 35° C
† Brimful Capacity   †† Under Standard Condition
Continues Melting Of Metal with Chilling Plant.
Economical and Efficient In Operation.
100% Flameless Device Technology.
Fully Automatic Control With Tilting Unit.
Feather Touch Controls; Simple In Operation.
Heat and Power Loss Reduced.
All Safety Precautions Provided.
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