About Us

‘Shapet Electric Co’ was formed in 1995, by Mr B S Chikani, afterwards it was converted into ‘Shapet Induction Company’. Shapet has its manufacturing unit in Gujarat, India. We provide high performance Induction Furnaces to fulfill specialized requirement to various industries. The company has become very well-known in the jewellery industry. We have provided our machines and services in countries such as: India, UAE , Qatar , South Africa, Sri Lanka , Bangladesh, Nepal and many more. 


The company has also ventured into the field of commercial cooking .These products provide an effective, economical, and environment friendly method for commercial cooking applications and cater to various restaurants, hotels, farsan manufacturers. sweet manufacturers, caterers etc.


Today the company has very huge list of clients: Titan Industries ltd (Tanishq) , Reliance Jewellery, India government Mint, MMTC,  C Krishna Chetty & Sons Pvt Ltd, Abhran Jewellery, Khazana Jewellery, Kiran Jewellery, Derawala Word Jewellery , Malabar Gold, GRT, Emerald Industries. Kirloskar, Lubi, Falcon pump, Silverpump, Angel pump wpil ltd, to name a few and still many more.


Our Mission and Vision 


We ensure to provide our finest machines while incorporating the latest technology.


We will become a private limited company with a world class factory & target to reach 100cr turnover with an automatically working plant before 31st march 2028. We will also develop IVR system for better customer support & service.




Shapet Induction Company is a Licensed, ISO Certified manufacturing firm, with over 27 years of experience in Induction Furnace manufacturing.