Shrink Fitting Machine for Stator Insert in Motor Body

induction can uniformly and gently heat the outer portion of a motor housing or the ID of a bore without overheating or damaging any one area, making shrink-fit connections fast and simple to assemble and disassemble. This non-contact process is precisely controlled and traceable and can be adapted for Joining electric motor housings, Joining motor shafts and rotors, Replacing or aiding in press-fit processes, Gear insertion, Helping to maintain concentricity of components being assembled Other interferences fit assembly applications.

Induction heating offers unique advantages in shrink fitting. Heating may be localized, providing sufficient expansion locally for a shrink-fit without heating a whole large casting or carefully machined component which minimizes distortion. This rapid, selective heating and cooling also facilitate disassembly of shrink-fitted components. Induction heating provides a flameless, fast, repeatable process that can be incorporated into production lines with minimal material handling and easy automation integration.

Power Supplier Three phase
Voltage 415 volt ac +/- 10%
Absorbed Power 20kw
† Brimful Capacity   †† Under Standard Condition
24 hours continuous working will meet your long-time goal.
Easy control with HMI interface.
Touch control HMI system, Fully automatic , convenient operation
24 hours continuous working will meet your bar goal.
Fully Automatic Induction Motor Stator Production Line
Complete Economic Line of Induction Motor Manufacturing
Produce High-Quality Induction Pumps
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