Induction Based Shrink Fitting Machine For Bearing

Shrink-Fitting Connections Are Simple to Join And Separate By Means of Induction Heating. Uniform Heating Expands The Outer Mating Part Without Negatively Affecting The Microstructure. This Means That A Shrink-Fitting Connection Can Be Both Produced And An Existing One Can Be Separated. Here, The Induction Coil Is Formed By Heating System Via A Special Switching Box. The Induction Heating Method Uniformly And Gently Heats The Component To Be Joined Without Producing Overheated Areas. The Generator Power For Induction Heating Is Controlled Via A Thermocouple, Which Means That The Setpoint Temperature Cannot Be Exceeded.

Power Supplier Three phase
Voltage 440 volt AC
Absorbed Power 20 kWh
Cooling Water Temperature 22° C To 35° C
† Brimful Capacity   †† Under Standard Condition
Shrink Fitting of Bearings
Shrink Fitting An Aluminum Tube For Optical System
Shrink Fitting An Aluminum Motor Housing For Automotive Industry
Shrink Fitting An Aluminum Hub To Steel Bathing
Shrink Fitting A Gear Securely On A Shaft
Shrink Fitting A Steel Mud Pump Liner
Shrink Fitting A Carbide Ring Into A Valve Seat
Shrink Fitting Auto Turbo Charger Impeller Blades On To Aluminum Shaft
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