Gold Bar Casting Machine (100 Grm 4 pcs)

The Shapet Vacuum Gold Bar-Making Machine is designed to produce quality gold and silver bars and bullion of customized weights and sizes. The entire casting process is conducted under vacuum and inert gas protection, which eliminates the possibility of oxidation, loss, shrinkage, and water wave. This machine is an ideal choice for those looking to make gold and silver bars and bullion with precision and accuracy.

There is almost no loss of precious metal with the latest green technology in the gold industry. Its advanced features such as PLC touch screen control, fully automatic casting, and 24 hours continuous working highly improve production efficiency, bullion’s quality safety, and save liberation of manpower. It is flameless to ensure worker safety comparing with traditional casting ways, which makes it a great choice for those looking to maximize their gold production.

Power Supplier Three phase
Voltage 415 volt ac +/- 10%
Absorbed Power 14 KW
Maximum Temperature 1200
Melting Time 375 second
Temperature Measurement Automatics
Cooling Water Temperature 35° C max
† Brimful Capacity   †† Under Standard Condition
Dimensions (mm) L x B x H
Furnace Unit 860.00 x 610.00 x 1130.00
Chilling Unit 840.00 x 590.00 x 1050.00
Width (kg - Approx)
Chilling Unit 135 Net
24 hours continuous working will meet your long-time casting goal.
Easy control with HMI interface.
Machine avoids bullion’s oxidation, shrinkage, and water wave under vacuum cabinet.
The casting condition is fully sealed to avoid flame for safety of worker.
Smooth and shiny surface which can improve your bullion quality
1. Touch control HMI system, Fully automatic casting, convenient operation,
2. Due to Induction Melting Technology flameless to ensure worker safety.
3. 24 hours continuous working will meet your goal.
4. Many Program save and fully automatic casting process
5. It is the most efficient and safe way for gold and silver bar Casting.
6. The casting Process is in fully sealed vacuum chamber for worker safety.
7. Quiet operation, High efficiency, Self-diagnostics, low pollution, and low noise.
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