Gold Melting Machine With Motorized Tilting

The Gold Melting Machine With Motorized Tilting is a powerful and efficient tool designed for melting and refining gold. It is equipped with a high-quality motor that ensures smooth and accurate tilting of the machine.This machine is specifically designed for melting gold and can handle a large amount of gold at once. It provides a uniform and precise heating process, allowing you to melt gold quickly and efficiently.

The motorized tilting function of the machine makes it convenient to pour the molten gold into molds or other containers with ease. The Gold Melting Machine is made from durable and heat-resistant materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. It is also equipped with safety features such as temperature control and overheat protection, ensuring the safety of the user during operation.

Overall, the Gold Melting Machine With Motorized Tilting is a versatile and reliable tool for melting and refining gold. Whether you are a jeweler, goldsmith, or involved in any gold-related business, this machine will greatly enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Power Supplier Three Phase
Voltage 440 volt AC
Absorbed Power 10 kw to 40 kw
Capacity of Crucible 10 Kg to 60 Kg
Maximum Temperature 1200° C
Melting Time 15 - 20 min max
Temperature Measurement Automatic
Cooling Water Temperature 35° C
Water Pressure 6 Bar
Maximum Water Flow 8 lit / min
† Brimful Capacity   †† Under Standard Condition
The God Melting machine comes with a motorized tilting feature.
This feature allows for easy and convenient tilting of the machine during the melting process.
The motorized tilting feature eliminates the need for manual effort, saving time and energy.
It ensures uniform melting and mixing of ingredients, resulting in consistent product quality.
The tilting feature also enables easy pouring of melted material into molds or containers.
With the motorized tilting feature, the God Melting machine offers enhanced efficiency and productivity.
It is a valuable addition to any manufacturing or production facility.
The motorized tilting feature of the God Melting machine provides numerous benefits, making it a preferred choice in the industry.
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