Gold Melting Furnace 10 Kg To 60 Kg Gold/Silver

Shapet Induction Company has 27 years of experience in manufacturing induction furnaces. Our company specializes in producing gold melting furnaces with a capacity ranging from 10kg to 60kg.

The induction melting furnace uses electromagnetic induction to heat and melt metal. It is commonly used in foundries and metalworking industries for melting and casting various types of metals, including gold, silver, and copper. The furnace works by generating an electromagnetic field that induces electrical currents in the metal, causing it to heat up and melt. The induction melting furnace is known for its efficiency, speed, and precision, making it a popular choice for industrial applications.

Power Supplier Three Phase
Voltage 440 volt AC
Absorbed Power 10 kw to 40 kw
Capacity of Crucible 10 Kg to 60 Kg
Maximum Temperature 1200° C
Melting Time 15 min max
Temperature Measurement Automatic
Cooling Water Temperature 35° C
Water Pressure 6 Bar
Maximum Water Flow 8 lit / min
† Brimful Capacity   †† Under Standard Condition
Dimensions (mm) L x B x H
Chilling Unit 840.00 x 590.00 x 105.00
Induction Generator 590.00 x 840.00 x 1130.00
Width (kg - Approx)
Chilling Unit 135 Net
Induction Generator 100 Net
Safe & Easy Operation
Continues Melting Of Metal with Chilling Plant
Perfect Mixing Of Alloy Due To Auto Stirring
Economical and Efficient In Operation
40% Income Tax Depreciable Under Energy Saving
Fully Automatic Control With Fix Pot
Automatic Power Regulation With Touch Control
Feather Touch Controls; Simple In Operation
The Pot Design Ensures That Melted Metals Can Easily Be Poured Into The Mold.
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