Induction Based Shrink Fitting Machine For Shaft Insert Engine Gear

Engine Gear Shrink-Fitting Connections Are Simple to Join And Separate By Means of Induction Heating. Uniform Heating Expands The Outer Mating Part Without Negatively Affecting The Microstructure. This Means That A Shrink-Fitting Connection Can Be Both Produced And An Existing One Can Be Separated. Here, The Induction Coil Is Formed By Heating System Via A Special Switching Box. The Induction Heating Method Uniformly And Gently Heats The Component To Be Joined Without Producing Overheated Areas. The Generator Power For Induction Heating Is Controlled Via A Thermocouple, Which Means That The Setpoint Temperature Cannot Be Exceeded.

Power Supplier Three phase
Voltage 440 volt AC
Absorbed Power 15 kWh
Cooling Water Temperature 22° C To 35° C
† Brimful Capacity   †† Under Standard Condition
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