Induction Cooktop

the new concept of induction coocking is one of the best concepts for coocking industries.induction coocking is flameless coocking sysytem so it protects enviroment as well as the health of operater also.althought this type of cook top uses electricity but it uses magnetic property of steel to directly heat the cooking vessel. unlike other coocking methods it does not use flames or red hot element to cook. thus it is considered more energy efficient. also it only heats the vessel in contect thus reduces possibility of infury.

professional cooks in commercial kitchens need quality tools that can withstand coocking challenges. shapet is committed to providing heavy duty induction coocking range you can enjoy improved performance in addition to lower utility bills and cooler, cleaner, safer kitchen

Power Supplier Three Phase
Voltage 440 Ac
Absorbed Power 15 Kwa
† Brimful Capacity   †† Under Standard Condition
Dimensions (mm) L x B x H
Dimension 625.00 x 625.00 x 625.00
Safer Than Any Other Coocking System.
Induction Does Not Produces Flames
Its Fast Then Traditional Cooking System
Easy To Cleaning
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