Submersible Rotor Brazing induction

Brazing is a joining process traditionally applied to metals in which molten filler metal flows Into the joint. the melting point of the filler metal is above 450'C, But Always below the melting temperature of the parts to be joined, which distinguishes the process from welding where high temperatures are used to melt the base metals together. The filler metal, while heated slightly above the melting point, is protected by a suitable atmosphere which is often a flux.

The molten filler metal cools to join the workpieces together providing a strong join between similar or dissimilar metals. The Atmospheres in which the brazing process can be undertaken include Air, Combusted Fuel Gas, Ammonia, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Noble Gases, inorganic Vapors, and Vacuum, using a variety of heating sources such as touch, furnace, and induction coil.

Power Supplier Three Phase
Voltage 440 volt AC
Absorbed Power 10 kw to 30 kw
Cooling Water Temperature 45 Degree Max
Water Pressure 4 Bar
Maximum Water Flow 6 LPM
† Brimful Capacity   †† Under Standard Condition
Dimensions (mm) L x B x H
Furnace Unit 810.00 x 610.00 x 1422.00
High efficiency: The mini induction machine features a high efficiency design, allowing for maximum energy conversion and reduced power consumption.
Compact size: With its compact size, the mini induction machine is ideal for applications where space is limited.
Low noise operation: The machine operates with minimal noise, ensuring a quiet and comfortable working environment.
Reliable performance: Built with high-quality components, the mini induction machine offers reliable and consistent performance.
Easy installation: The machine is designed for easy installation, making it convenient for users to set up and use.
Advanced control features: Equipped with advanced control features, the machine allows for precise and efficient operation.
afety features: The machine is equipped with various safety features to ensure safe operation and prevent accidents.
Cost-effective: With its high efficiency and reliable performance, the mini induction machine offers a cost-effective solution for various electrical needs.
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