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Induction Heating for SS Utensil

Induction Annealing Is A Sub- Area Of Induction Heating. The Aim of Induction Annealing Is to Specifically Influence Metals with Regard To Hardness, Toughness And Internal Stresses, In Order To Attain Optimal Material Property. Induction Annealing Enables Precise And Reliable Control of Material Properties. Induction Annealing Is Mainly Used For Soft And Stress-Relief Annealing, Offering Enormous Advantages Over Conventional Method. Induction Annealing Enables Thermal Removal of Impurities During Bright Annealing.

The Advantage of Induction Annealing Is Mainly The Targeted and Reproducible Heating of Work Pieces in Order To Always Ensure The Same Result. As Induction Annealing Generates Heat Directly In The Work Pieces By Means of An Alternating Electromagnetic Field, The Process Can Be Controlled Very Precisely And Also Has A Very High Degree of Efficiency Due To Its Effective Use of Energy. This Ensures Homogeneous Heat Destruction And An Even Depth of Penetration In The Work Pieces. With Induction Annealing, Cooling Is Not Carried Out Abruptly With Water Or Coolants As In Induction Hardening. Instead, The Temperature of The Work Piece Is Reduces Slowly.

The Entire Heating Process Is Carried Out Without Contact And In A Very Short Time. Induction Annealing Offers Excellent Options For Heat Control, As The Entire Process Can Be Optimally Find-Tuned To Achieve The Desired Material Properties Via The Frequency, Power And Annealing Time. This Guarantees A High Quality of Heat Treatment And Ensures Reproducibility, An Especially Important Aspect of Mass Production.

Power Supplier Three Phase
Voltage 440 V AC
Temperature Measurement Automatic
Cooling Water Temperature 35° C
Absorbed Power 15 KW
† Brimful Capacity   †† Under Standard Condition
Dimensions (mm) L x B x H
Induction Furnace 800.00 x 597.00 x 1130.00
There is no crack when sheet emboss
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