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Continous Casting Machine

The continuous casting machine has been designed with the most latest technology and excellent performance to give you semi-finished production with the best quality in the shortest time. The continuous casting machine is ideal for the production of gold, silver, and copper wires.

Our casting machine is a high-quality and cost-effective production line, which adopts coreless induction heating technology. This system can heat all metals at a rapid speed, which enables melting can be 24 hours non-stop, 24 hours continuous operation enables you to experience the real feeling of being in a manufacturing facility

Continuous casting Machines adopt frequency induction heating, and the strong metal stirring force can make the metal melt more fully and uniformly, due to the electromagnetic induction effect, the melting speed is rapid, and the melting capacity is from 15kg Silver or 30 Kg Gold Also Available in 5kg Gold.

Power Supplier Three Phase
Voltage 440 V AC
Absorbed Power 15 kW
Maximum Temperature 1200° C
Cooling Water Temperature 35° C max
Water Pressure 6 bar
† Brimful Capacity   †† Under Standard Condition
Adopt the most advanced casting technology
Safe & Easy Operation
Perfect Mixing Of Alloy Due To Auto Stirring
Economical and Efficient In Operation
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