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Magnetic Polisher

A magnetic polisher speeds up the polishing process considerably. However, there are still a number of steps required to polish a piece and to maintain the machine.. These instructions are geared toward the smaller sized machine. For the larger machines, more items can be polished using less time.

1. First, use a fine jeweler’s file to remove scratches, excess solder, and other blemishes from the metal. Try to remove as many blemishes as possible with the file. This is especially important because the machine is not designed to remove scratches.

2. Make sure pieces are clean. For example, cast pieces should be free of all investment. (Ammonia and an old, soft tooth brush work well for cleaning investment off charms.)

3. The steel shot should be kept in the plastic tumbler along with water in order that the shot does not rust. When it is time to polish, replace old water with clean water and fill up to the maximum line as marked on the outside of the tumbler.

4. Next, burnishing soap is dropped into the water. The amount of soap needed depends on the size of the machine. For the smaller machine, approximately 8 drops are recommended.

5. Place metal pieces into the tumbler and replace the lid. If pieces are small, about 8 – 10 can be polished at the same time.

6. Set the tumbler on top of the base. You’ll feel the pull of the magnets to the shot.

7. Plug in the machine, set the timer to 20-40 minutes according metal qty, and turn it on. You’ll soon see your shot and jewelry whizzing around.

8. due to automatic system machine jewelery whizzing forward and reverse as per seting forwad and reverse time . you can set forward and reverse time in min(eq, 2 min forward 2min reverse= 1 cycle)
Use can set 99 cycles, and forward 99 min and reverse 99 min.
It is important to remember not to leave the tumbler on the base when the machine is not in use, or the shot will eventually become demagnetized. Also, unplugging the machine is an extra precaution in case the lid is accidentally lifted from the tumbler while the machine is on. If this were to happen, all that tiny, steel shot would go flying!

9. Poor out the water, which is very warm now, being careful not to pour out the shot. Remove the pieces from the tumbler, and dry them using a soft, clean cloth or paper towel.

10. After each polishing, it is recommended that the tumbler and shot be cleaned. First, empty the water from the tumbler. The metal shot should fall to the bottom if you only slightly tip the tumbler and not turn it completely up side down.

11. Now, the tumbler should be rinsed out with clean water a number of times until the water looks clear. Swish the shot around with your fingers each time you rinse also.

Power Supplier Single Phase
Voltage 230 V AC
Absorbed Power 375W
Material Steel 0.5 x 5 (800 gm)
Material Capacity 1 kg
Programmable Control Auto-Forward & Auto-Reverse
Machine Capacity 0.5, 1, 2 kg available
† Brimful Capacity   †† Under Standard Condition
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