Dewaxer (6 & 12 Flask)

Introducing our high-quality Dewaxer for jewellery casting, designed to meet the demands of the jewellery casting industry. Our Dewaxer effectively removes wax from molds, ensuring precise and flawless castings. With its advanced formula, it easily dissolves wax residue, leaving no trace behind. The Dewaxer is compatible with various casting materials. Its fast-acting properties save valuable time in the production process, allowing for efficient and streamlined operations. Trust our Dewaxer to deliver exceptional results, consistently producing clean and defect-free castings.

Upgrade your jewellery casting process with the Dewax Machine. Experience the benefits of precise temperature control, versatile wax removal methods, and a high-capacity chamber. Save time, increase productivity, and achieve exceptional casting quality

Dewaxer helps remove wax from invested flasks before burnout without heating the investment. It will eliminate waxes with melting points up to 100°C Stainless Steel body, powerful heaters and thermostatic control facilitates fast dewaxing process.

Superb finished stainless steel body with top opening. Eminently suitable for elimination of wax by steam to reduce porosity and carbonisation in castings. Equipped with electric heating elements, adjustable temperature controller, On/ Off switch with indicator lamp. Removes wax from flasks in one hour.

Power Supplier Single Phase
Voltage 230 V AC
Absorbed Power 1.5 kW
Maximum Temperature 110° C
Capacity (12 Flask Dewaxer) 12 Flask of Size 4" X 7"
Capacity (6 Flask Dewaxer) 6 Flask of Size 4" X 7"
Weight 22 kg (approx.)
† Brimful Capacity   †† Under Standard Condition
Dimensions (mm) L x B x H
12 Flask H Inner 23.00 x 17.00 x 12.00
12 Flask H Outer 24.00 x 18.00 x 15.00
6 Flask H Inner 18.00 x 12.00 x 12.00
6 Flask H Outer 18.00 x 12.00 x 15.00
Achieve faster wax removal, reduce the need for manual labor, and increase your overall efficiency.
Dewax Machine guarantees improved casting quality and accuracy.
Experience enhanced productivity with our dewax machine's faster wax removal capabilities.
With our dewax machine, you can streamline your workflow by reducing manual labor and increasing overall efficiency.
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