Burnout Furnace

The burnout furnace is a crucial tool used in the process of jewellery casting. It is specifically designed to eliminate the wax from the mould before the molten metal is poured in. This furnace operates at high temperatures, typically ranging from 700 to 900 degrees Celsius, ensuring the complete removal of the wax without causing any damage to the mould. The furnace is equipped with a programmable controller that allows for precise temperature control and timing, ensuring consistent and reliable results. The interior of the furnace is lined with a refractory material that can withstand the extreme temperatures and protect the surrounding environment. Additionally, the furnace is equipped with safety features such as an automatic shut-off system and temperature sensors to prevent overheating and potential accidents. Overall, the burnout furnace is an essential tool for jewellery casting, providing a reliable and efficient method for removing wax and preparing the mould for the casting process.

Power Supplier Single Phase And Three Phase
Voltage 230 Volt AC
Maximum Temperature 0˚ - 850˚ C
Temperature Measurement Digital (K-Type)
Programmable Timer Maximum 9 Steps
† Brimful Capacity   †† Under Standard Condition
Surround heating coil to ensure uniform heating of all flasks.
Use PID Temperature Control for Accurate Temperature Measurement
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