Induction Heating : Submersible rotter Brazing induction
Induction Brazing
42induction-heating.jpg The job is placed in various shape of coil as per application and when high frequency current passed through coil the induced current flows in job and as per joules law Q = I2x R x T the heat is generated ( I = Current in job, R = Resi. of job T = Time in sec. ) Hence the job heats up quickly. As per the application job is quenched in proper quenching media for HARDENING, cooled naturally for ANNE...
Submersible rotter Brazing induction
2induction-rotor-brazing-machine.jpg Brazing : Submercibal Rotter Brazing. Brazing induction ... We introduce hightech submersible rotor brazing machine so you can braze your rotor rather than gas and other treditional  systems   Watch on YouTube
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