Consumables : DLP 3D Printer
Resin Tray
2untitled.55.jpg Resin tray is a critical component of the DLP 3D printers.  Resin trays are also known as VAT trays, which are used to easily peel off layers during printing. We make resin trays with dual layer coating of silicone and teflon to ensure smooth and failsafe printing.  
UV Castable Resin (CS100)
5Resin-bottle-Castable-.jpg UV Castable Resin (CS100) is specifically made to provide high quality jewellery moulds. It leaves almost no ash when burnt and creates gas evenly as the temperature is increased, avoiding any pressure build up within the casting.
UV Non-Castable Resin (NCS100)
3Resin-bottle-non-castable.jpg Professional UV curing resin. This resin ensures the strength of molded parts and not excessive shrinkage, but also improve print speed, shorten the curing time and enhance the printing efficiency of DLP 3D printers as much as possible.
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