Virinchi mini DLP Printer
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Virinchi mini DLP Printer

Introducing VIRINCHI mini DLP printer which uses high power intensity ultraviolet light engine with Full HD resolution processing DLP technology. Print detailed and  accurate part with accuracy of 25 microns with smooth surface finish. With combination of high speed brushless motor and high intensity light engine printing process is faster than ever before. User friendly control of machine makes control easier and comfortable. Super active carbon filter ensure odor and toxic free environment in printing process.


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Power Supply Single Phase AC
Voltage 220V
Absorbed Power 200W
Build Volume 90mm * 28mm * 150mm
X/Y Resolution 46 micron
Z Resolution 10 microns
Speed 400 cm³
UV Light Source High Intensiity UV light Projector
Projector Resolution 1920 * 1080 Full HD
Dimensions (mm) L x B x H   
Machine Dimensions 45L * 77W * 95H cm
Machine Weight 40 kg
  †  Brimful Capacity  †† Under Standard Condition
» High intensity Projector
» Compact Design
» User Friendly Control
» HD display for status indication
» Premium Design
» Active Carbon Air Filter
» Printing in Less time
» High X/Y Resolution
» High Accuracy
» Support Various Resins
» Less Maintenance
» Consistent Output
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