Submercible Roter Brazing
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Submercible Roter Brazing

We introduce hightech submersible rotor brazing machine so you can braze your rotor rather than gas welding it is new and innovative technology for saving time and money, and it is verygood for better performance of submesible pumps.

Power Supply Three Phase
Voltage 440 volt AC
Absorbed Power 20 kW to 50 kw
Water Pressure 4 bar
Maximum Water Flow 5 ltr / min
Dimensions (mm) L x B x H   
Induction Furnace (in mm) (L X W X H) 800x600x1430 MM
Cooling Tower 5 Tr
  †  Brimful Capacity  †† Under Standard Condition
» No requirment of valtage regulator (Dimmer)
» Oil free
» Compact model
» High speed machine
» Power saving
» IGBT technology
» Maintanance free
» Operate with compact cooling tower
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