Industrial Chiller
Industrial Chiller

To control various temperature (-20 centigrade- +40 centigrade) accurately during industrial production
The series chiller have manufacturing experience for about twenty years, Install an usage simple, support in brief.
Components are from world known manufacturers to make use stable performance and exactitude, stabilization, long service life.
According the requirement, in the same unit, there are more than two independent refrigeration loops.
Perfect Protection Device (Time Delay, Water Scarcity Protection, the water flow protection, the control and display of high and low pressure, Temperature Control and Display, phase protection, Overload Protection, Frostbite Prevention, Automatic complement water.)
Evaporator: can choose stainless steel tank type or shell pipe type or shell and tube type.
Water-cooled condenser: choose shell pipe or shell and tube.
Air-cooled condenser: adopt special heating panels, Bear corrosion, which have a long using life. The effect is constant from beginning to end.
Refrigerant: R-22
We make chiller according costomers requirnments.

Power Supply 230 Volt AC and 440 Volt AC
Maximum Temperature -20 to40
Maximum Water Flow 3 bar to 12 bar
  †  Brimful Capacity  †† Under Standard Condition
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