Vacuum Casting Induction
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Vacuum Casting Induction

SHAPET ELECTRIC CO have much years experience with precious metals sector thus developed this induction system for Jewelry manufacturers and goldsmiths. It runs on Induction principle, Absolute homogeneous alloying and uniform metal distribution with reduction in metal losses is achieved due to uniform temperature controlling which avoids the skin effect in SHAPET Induction Systems.

SHAPET GOLD VACUUM CASTING INDUCTION FURNACE. Due to induction current, constantly circulating in the metal automatic stirring occurs, which makes perfect mixing of the alloys with gold, thus it provide much superior quality of the mixing to prepare finished piece of Jewelry.

SHAPET GOLD VACUUM CASTING INDUCTION FURNACE. Provided with CHILLING UNIT that helps to eliminating coil burnouts, which is frequent with other electrical furnaces.

The SHAPET Induction system is designed to work in two different modes of melting only and casting in one cycle, with capabilities to work in auto and manual mode .to suite the casting cycles. with chilling unit it can be used again and again for any number of charges continuously.


Power Supply Single Phase
Voltage 230 v AC
Absorbed Power 4.2 Kva
Capacity of Crucible 2 Kg 24 Carat Gold
Maximum Temperature 1200
Melting Time 12 min
Temperature Measurement K Type
Cooling Water Temperature 20 to 35
Water Pressure 3 bar
Maximum Water Flow 3 lit per min
Weight (With Chilling Unit) 140 kg
Dimensions (mm) L x B x H   
Casting unit (in mm) (L x W x H) 820 x 610 x 1030
Chilling Unit (in mm) (L x W x H) 560 x 510 x 810MM
Vacuum Pump 265 x 550 x 365
  †  Brimful Capacity  †† Under Standard Condition
» Accurate casting temperature controlling
» Advantage of vacuum casting hence optimal results
» All safety precautions provided
» Consistent quality of casting
» Creative and innovative technology
» Instant heating with finger tip controls
» Less oxidation casting due to bottom pouring
» Reduced casting expenses
» Use for casting & melting also (both use)
» Safe & Easy operation
» Faster, economic and accurate castings
» Convenient layout
» Perfect mixing of alloys due to auto stirring
» Economical and efficient in operation
» No products of combustion or waste product
» Increased productivity
» 100% Income Tax Depreciable for Energy saving - flame less Device
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