Bearing Srink fitting
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Bearing Srink fitting

Srink fitting Bearing

A three turn copper helical coil is used to heat the Bearing inner dia up to 240 ºC in 3 seconds to expand the inner diameter and then the inner bearing is inserted to form the completed part.

Srink fitting Gear Bore

A four-turn copper helical internal coil is used to heat the gear bore. The coil is inserted into the gear bore and power is applied for 90 seconds to reach the required 204 ºCand expand the gear bore

Srink fitting camshaft gear

Heating a camshaft gear with a bore size of 1.630" to shrink fit over a steel shaft that has a diameter of 1.632". A temperature of 260 c is required for the gear to expand 0.002" in order to slip over the shaft

Srink fitting connecting rod

Induction heating provides more accurate control of heat vs a flame burner, it heats only the knuckle, not the whole part, it prevents discoloring due to lower temperature used and increases productivity due to repeatability & ease of operation. A foot pedal & timer is used.

Power Supply Three Phase
Voltage 440 VAC
Absorbed Power 5 kva
  †  Brimful Capacity  †† Under Standard Condition
» Accurate control of heat
» Incrase productivity
» Easy Oparation due to timer and food pedal
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