Gold & Silver Melting : Silver Melting Induction
10,15,20 kg Silver Melting Induction
110-kg-new1.jpg SHAPET ELECTRIC CO have much years experience with precious metals sector thus developed this induction system for Jewelry manufacturers and goldsmiths. It runs on Induction principle, Absolute homogeneous alloying and uniform metal distribution with reduction in metal losses is achieved due to uniform temperature controlling which avoids the skin effect in SHAPETInduction Systems. SHAPET Inducti...
2 kg Silver Melting Induction
Gold Melting Electric Furnace
Shapet Ele. Co. News
Shapet Electric Company Get Bulk orders from Tata Tanishq, Relince jewels & MMTC pemp for gold melting induction machines The company has launch new products for Induction Heating with its latest...
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